13 Easy Tips to Always Find Cheap Flights in 2023

Planning to fly somewhere and wondering about how to get best flight deals? The pricing of airline tickets is incredibly complicated, with algorithms that alter prices every minute. It significantly disadvantages the typical customer and frequently leads to consumers overpaying for flights.

That is the reason I began Going. I wanted to assist people see the world for less after finding the deal of a lifetime—$130 roundtrip to Milan—and teaching them how to find low-cost tickets. These days, my team and I invest hundreds of hours every week looking for inexpensive tickets, and when we do, we inform our subscribers. We also create resources like these so that you never pay too much for a flight, whether you use one of our packages or conduct independent research.

Here’s how to discover the most affordable flights worldwide:

1. Choose your travel dates and destination depending on cost

Most individuals approach booking a flight in the following manner:

  • Choose a destination.
  • Choose your dates.
  • Check the prices that are offered.
  • Usually, this has expensive costs.

Conversely, take the opposite tack if finding a cheap flights are your first priority:

See the costs for numerous destinations across the world on Google Flights, Momondo, and other flight comparison websites.

Choose the inexpensive locations that appeal to you.

Choose the travel dates that work best for you.

When choosing where to go and when, be flexible. The majority of what you can do to reduce the cost of ticket if you haven’t changed your location or travel dates is already done.

Note: Make sure to search for more than one date if you want to find the best deals on flights. (With Google Flights, clicking the calendar displays inexpensive flights for two months at a time.)

2. Use top flight search engines

Best ways to book flights: Momondo, Priceline, and Google Flights are our three go-to flight search engines. But, for the majority of people, Google Flights, Priceline, and Momondo are sufficient. There are also some more sophisticated ones, such as the ITA Matrix, SkyScanner, and different plugins.

Keep take mind that Southwest doesn’t appear on OTAs or search engines, so check their website directly.

Read our tips to learn how to use Google Flights, Momondo, or Kayak to discover affordable flights.

3. Use Google Flights to choose the most affordable airport. Search Map

We adore Google Flights in part because it makes it so simple to view a wide range of possibilities. To start, you can enter up to seven airports in the departure and arrival sections. As a result, if you can fly from any airport on the East Coast to any airport in Ireland, you can find the cheapest route by just entering the correct airport codes.

Use the Google Flights Explore Map if you’re even more flexible.

Best ways to book flights: Simply enter your departing airport and leave the destination field blank (or choose an area, nation, or state, such as Europe, Asia, Bali, or Florida), and a map with all your alternatives will appear. You can browse weekend, one-week, or two-week excursions in the upcoming six months or search specific dates.

4. To save extra money, be flexible—even a few days.

Google Flights also makes it simple to determine whether changing your travel dates would result in a lesser price. When you choose your travel dates, Google Flights will display two months’ worth of options and highlight the days that, given the length of your trip, will cost the least to fly. Frequently, changing the dates even by one day or going from a week trip to 10 days can potentially cut the price in half.

5. Travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday, if possible.

Which days are the least expensive for travel? The least expensive days to travel are often Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The most expensive days are often Friday and Sunday. Cheap flights might appear at any time, so these days aren’t always the best ones to reserve.

6. 24-hour free cancellation

Alright, but how can I move swiftly enough to secure a fantastic fare if you have, you know, obligations and stuff? The 24-hour rule, which states that airlines must permit free cancellations within 24 hours for flights to or from the US, is a helpful law.

As a result, rather than waiting to hear from your boss if you can take time off work, for instance, you could just book the fantastic deal you found now before it sells out. If your supervisor calls you back and tells you can’t go, you can claim a full refund as long as it happens within 24 hours.

7. Refrain from travelling throughout the summer and on holidays.

The least expensive period of year to fly in North America and Europe is typically:

  • mid-January to mid-may
  • September till the beginning of December
  • Often, the most expensive times to fly are:
  • Mid-June through mid-August is the height of summer.
  • Christmas
  • Christmas Eve

Also, it will differ slightly depending on the location, particularly during well-known festivals. It costs a lot to travel to China for Chinese New Year or to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day.

8. Create fare alerts to follow particular flights

how to get the best flight deals? If you already know where and when you want to go, you may use a website like Kayak or Google Flights to set up an airfare alert and receive notifications when the cost reduces. This works best if you have certain dates and locations in mind, although some discounts may still manage to slip through. For instance, you might miss out on a fantastic ticket to London if you put up a fare alert for Seattle to Paris (which is only a short train ride away).

9. Check out Skiplagged and Southwest Airlines for inexpensive domestic flights.

Southwest flights do not appear on any flight search engines, so if you’re looking for inexpensive flights in the US, be sure to search Southwest.com independently. You can see which days are least expensive for your route on the Southwest Low Fare Calendar.

On Skip lagged, you can also locate some affordable hidden prices, but make sure to educate yourself on the fundamentals of hidden city ticketing so you know what you’re getting into.

10. Examine the benefits and drawbacks of low-cost carriers.

how to get the best flight deals? Cheap airlines have a bad reputation, and in certain situations (we’re looking at you, Spirit), it’s well deserved. But, not every low-cost airline is the same. Avelo, Breeze, and PLAY are a few recent ones that adhere to our guidelines for airlines.

Budget airlines may also be the most practical and cost-effective way to connect from a long-distance journey to your final destination. If a ticket from one end of Europe to the other costs $50, a cheap airline flight becomes much more enticing, even if you don’t wish to travel across the ocean.

11. Evaluate the cost of paying in a foreign currency.

On foreign airlines, booking through the foreign version of their website and paying in a foreign currency may occasionally result in a lower price. That isn’t totally secure. Yet, there are instances when you can save $100 or more, so it’s usually worthwhile to check. On occasion, there are no savings and on other occasions, the savings are so minor as to not be worth the effort. Be sure your credit card has no international transaction fees before making your reservation.

12. Respond quickly, particularly if it’s a mistake fare.

You located a fantastic food. How much time will it take? It’s difficult to know for sure. Unless it’s an announced sale (which normally aren’t that fantastic to begin with), there’s no public end-date on any specific fare. The general rule is that a fare will last less time if it is better.

The majority of amazing fares typically don’t last for more than a few days. If there’s a mistake fare, it might not even last many hours.

13. Sign Up For

Yeah, this is a blatant plug, but what we do is help people find affordable flights so they can travel more. With just one stop or one direct flight on well-known carriers, we alert our members to low-cost tickets like $202 roundtrip to Japan, $164 to Hawaii, and $23 to Puerto Rico. To test us out, you may even join for no charge.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding locating and reserving inexpensive flights now that you are familiar with the fundamentals.

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