Terms and Conditions

1. Basic Terms

You are hereby accepting our terms and conditions and receiving permission to use our website as well as our services. You accept to be bound by this agreement by using the services we offer. A visitor is referred to as “you” or “user.” The term “we” is used to refer to the website. Make sure you are at least 18 years old, as that is the legal age to participate. If a guest who is under the age of 18 encounters a problem, we are not liable. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you confirm that you are of legal age and are a human being, not a robot or other artificial intelligence. Furthermore, we disclaim all liability for any inaccurate or out-of-date information provided by the user. In these cases, it is the user’s responsibility to update and rectify their information. Last but not least, we do not have a backup of any lost emails that we have sent.

2. The Services

The users of Tip Saving receive offers in the form of coupons. It is important to note that we disclaim all liability for online coupon redemption, typographical errors, omissions, and expiration. The user must ensure that a special offer is available during the checkout process at the appropriate merchant website. The service includes offers and promotions, all of which are subject to change without prior notice. We have no control over the validity of any coupons or the ability of any merchant to execute the sale following the offers.

3. Forbidden Uses

The terms of service must be followed for the user to use the website. The following rules should be followed by the user when utilizing our platform:

Any transgression of a law or rule, whether national, state, local, or international, is completely prohibited on The Tip Saving.

It’s also forbidden to transmit or distribute any promotional materials, including “junk mail,” “chain letters,” “spam,” or any other similar solicitations.
It is not acceptable to impersonate the Company, a Company employee, another user, or any other person or entity.

To engage in any other behavior that prevents someone from using or enjoying the website, or that, in our judgment, may endanger the company or website users or subject them to respond.

You also agree not to: use the website for any purpose that is not expressly permitted in these Terms of Service; use any manual or automated process to monitor, copy, or scrape any content from the website; or use the website for any other purpose that is not expressly permitted in these Terms of Service without our prior written consent.

4. Trademarks

The website TipSaving.com, its logo, and any other product or service names or slogans that appear on the service or in the content are trademarks of TipSaving.com and its suppliers or licensors and may not be copied, imitated, or used, in whole or in part, without TipSaving.com’s permission. While all brand names, item names, and business names or logos referenced on the Service or in any content belong to the respective owners. No mention of any goods, services, procedures, or other data, whether by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or in any other way, implies our sponsorship, approval, or recommendation.

5. Share a Coupon with Us

This page contains all the details about the current refer-a-coupon terms. Refer-a-coupon says that if you have any third-party coupons that you’d like to offer to other online shoppers, you can do so at TipSaving.com. Although we may post several referral coupons on the internet, we are not responsible for any coupons given by users or any other parties. Therefore, no one accepts any liability for it. Therefore, in order to use them, you must agree to these conditions; otherwise, we kindly ask that you refrain from doing so.

6. The Guarantee on Tip Saving Coupons

1. We promise that all coupons with an active expiration date will function.

2. If you use one of our coupons to place an order and the discount does not apply, please contact us within 24 hours. Make sure to include the order information for the purchase you were making as well as the coupon information.

3. Tip Saving alone will decide whether your account qualifies and whether coupons will be applied.

Disclaimer: Tip Saving does not offer a coupon guarantee for any coupons that are shared by users of the site. Anyone using it should independently verify that any purchases they make adhere to the rules.

7. Revelations

The services that are being provided in one way or another imply that they make no promises about the cost or the conditions associated with the coupons. Additionally, we disclaim any liability with regard to the availability of any coupon for any retailer or the caliber of their product, services, or coupons. Before doing anything, it is advised that users read the retailer’s terms and conditions. Tip Saving does not take payments from third parties, and we are not liable for refunds.

8. Contact Us

You can reach us through our website or by email at contact@TipSaving.com if you have any questions or issues about the service or the terms stated above.