9 Features of iPhone 14 Pro You Should Definitely Check Out

The new iPhone 14 is more complex than it first appears. With a faster, brighter True Depth camera with autofocus, and enhanced camera technology, the iPhone 14 performs better in low light. There is a new Action mode for incredibly solid shots on the video front.

You may make a strong flagship by including some practical safety features like crash detection and Emergency SOS through satellite. But should you get the iPhone 14 now or hold off till the larger iPhone 14 Plus? Or should you spend more money on the more sophisticated iPhone 14 Pro?

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best iPhones and belongs on our list of top smartphones. In my review of the iPhone 14, I list all the benefits and drawbacks so you can determine if this is the correct phone for you.

Anywhere You Have Satellite Service, You Can Contact For Help.

Your iPhone 14 can make emergency calls even if you don’t have internet or cellular coverage thanks to a new subscription service. It accomplishes this by establishing a connection with satellites orbiting high above you, which then notify emergency agencies back on Earth of your whereabouts. Your iPhone will ask you a few questions about your health when you connect: Are you lost? Hurt? Are you alone, or are you accompanied by someone? All of these are done to ensure that your iPhone contacts the proper service center to provide your assistance.

The service is also available for non-emergency circumstances. If you’re not within cell or internet range, you may still utilize Find my device to share your location with your contacts via satellites.

Any purchase of an iPhone 14 will include a two-year subscription to the satellite service. What it will cost after that is not yet known.

Upgraded Cameras That Can Record Video In Low Light

Every iPhone comes with updated camera improvements. The iPhone 14’s cameras are still pretty capable even though the 8K recording quality rumors proved out to be false.

The cameras on all iPhone 14 models are becoming better and better at taking photos and videos in low light and with deeper color. The front camera, in particular, now has focusing, improving its ability to take clear selfies even when the subjects are at different distances.

The Camera App will soon have a “Action Mode” added by Apple. Action Mode, designed for videos with a lot of motion, will steady the camera to lessen shaking.

The new 2x zoom lens for the iPhone 14 Pro models can capture in 4K resolution. Additionally, the main camera features 48 megapixels, which is among the highest for a smartphone.

The Always-On Screen Displays Your Notifications While Using Less Power

The new always-on screens for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have been requested for many years.

The clock, your widgets, and live activities can still be shown on your iPhone’s screen even when it is locked and the screen is “off.” Depending on the image, you might even still be able to see your lock screen background.

All of this is accomplished with far less battery life loss than if the display were turned on actively. You get to stay informed while extending the life of your iPhone.

When you’ve been in a car accident, a new force sensor can tell.

The iPhone 14 will have a force sensor that will be used to detect whether you are in an automobile accident, similar to the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8.

Only when you are driving does the sensor turn on, and it can hear when you suddenly stop, the air pressure changes from the airbag expanding, and there is a loud crash. If you can’t or won’t react when your iPhone offers to call emergency services on your behalf, it will do so automatically.

Currently Fastest Internal Chips

Internal chips for all four iPhone models have been upgraded. These key components of hardware are in charge of your iPhone’s most crucial operations, making these latest models the fastest iPhones to date.

Like the iPhone 13 before it, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus sport an A15 Bionic chip. However, the chip has undergone some improvements; according to Apple, the GPU, which handles graphics, is 18% more powerful than before, and the CPU and brain processors are also improved.

The real improvements are found in the Features of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The new A16 Bionic chip, which is around 40% quicker than the A15, powers the Pro versions. Additionally, it consumes less power than the A15, which eases the burden on the battery and other internal parts.

The Controversial iPhone Notch Has Been Removed

And now for the largest adjustment: the notch is gone.

Okay, largely gone. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have it in place of the pill-shaped cutout that Apple is calling the “Dynamic Island,” which is still present on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus.

The selfie camera and Face ID sensor are housed atop The Dynamic Island, a stand-alone cutout surrounded by functional pixels. In accordance with the app you’re using, it responds by expanding and contracting.

While using other apps, some apps, like Lyft and Apple Music, can display information inside Dynamic Island. Other people can send smaller, less intrusive notifications using Dynamic Island.

Added Safety Equipment

Two significant new safety measures are included to every phone in the iPhone 14 lineup.

Even if you don’t have internet access or cellular coverage, you can subscribe to a program that allows you to make satellite calls to 911. Emergency personnel will be notified of your position and questioned about your basic circumstances, such as whether you’re alone or hurt. When you purchase any iPhone 14, you will receive two years of this service at no cost, but you will then be required to pay.

Additionally, the iPhone 14 has a force sensor that turns on when you’re driving and listens for crash noises and changes in air pressure caused by airbag explosions to determine if you’ve been in a collision. The phone will ask you to call emergency services once a crash is detected and will do so automatically if you don’t.

A Better Camera

With every iPhone release, the camera is upgraded, and it is the main Feature of iPhone 14 Pro series is no exception. Particularly, some of the enhancements consist of:

a brand-new “Action Mode” that steadies the camera while you’re moving, enabling you to snap better action pictures.

Selfies taken with the front camera will be better even when the subjects are at varying distances from the phone thanks to autofocus.

The Pro model has additional enhancements such as a double zoom lens that can record 4K video.

On the Pro and Pro Max Models, a Dynamic Island

The controversial iPhone notch has been replaced by a Dynamic Island on both of the iPhone 14 Pro series’ premium versions. This independent cutout can display information even when you are using other programs, is responsive, and is sized appropriately for different apps. The selfie camera and Face ID sensor are also inside.

Even without the notch, this function might be enough to convince iPhone users to upgrade. But in the end, you’ll have to decide if all of these features are desirable or if you’d rather wait for the following model.