Best Gaming Handhelds

Engadget The Best Gaming Handhelds for 2024

The rapid development of the gaming industry turns mobility into an arrowhead and a priority in many gamers’ eyes. Video game handhelds have upgraded to the latest technology and therefore, gamers can now play games on the go. The decision-making process of selecting the game gadget from the variety of gadgets in the gaming world is in conjunction with the thoughtful analysis of the critical features of the gaming devices. Technology is a constant evolutionary process which makes it so we are faced with an infinite number of options and innovations in the role-playing gaming world. Below is a detailed description of what you should be looking for when you are examining Engadget’s list of the best gaming handhelds for 2024.

1. Performance: Performance is the ultimate strength of gaming handhelds. Reliable devices with strong processors, efficient cooling systems, and more RAM are what you want for a good gaming experience. Along with the high refresh rate displays and low latency touchscreens, the gaming experience is also further enhanced by the fluid visuals and responsive controls.

2. Design and Ergonomics: A lot of emphasis is placed on ergonomics, in particular when prolonged gaming is involved. Examine the device’s form factor, placement of the buttons, and gripping comfort to avoid any discomfort that might occur when gaming. Furthermore, think about the weight, portability, and build quality which are the most important factors that affect the usability and durability of the device.

3. Display Quality: The display is the only portal into the game world, and thus, this becomes the most crucial aspect. Seek for instruments which have vivid colours, high resolution and wide viewing angles for you to enjoy your gaming to the fullest. These features such as HDR support, adaptive refresh rates and OLED technology make the gaming experience more realistic and immersive.

4. Game Library and Ecosystem: The games library must be diverse enough to use all the possibilities of a gaming handheld device fully. Assess the device’s interoperability with widely used gaming platforms including Nintendo Switch, Steam, and cloud gaming solutions. Take into account things like exclusive titles, third-party support, and access to subscription services to guarantee a rich and diverse gaming experience.

5. Battery Life and Charging: The device’s lifespan matters most in portable gaming. Check the device’s battery life under typical gaming conditions and the charging features, which may include fast charging and the capacity of portable power banks. A good battery guarantees a smooth gaming session, no matter if you are on the go or enjoying your spare time at home.

6. Connectivity and Features: Connectivity options and a device with additional features can significantly increase the gaming console’s versatility. Find devices that support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so you can enjoy online gaming and use peripheral devices. The presence of expandable storage, built-in speakers, and headphone jacks is what makes the gaming experience more enriched.

7. Pricing and Value: Also, think about the device’s pricing compared to its features and strengths. Though upscale products may be characterized by top-notch specifications, more affordable variants can offer good value for money by offering all the necessary features without any compromises. Evaluate the entire package, including the warranty and the included accessories, to find out the device’s value proposition.

At the end of the day, deciding on the latest gaming handhelds of 2024 involves a comprehensive strategy considering features like performance, design, screen quality, games library, battery life, connectivity and affordability. A thorough assessment of these factors will enable you to spot the best gaming handheld which is aligned with your choice and gaming requirements for endless hours of portability gameplay. As we enter 2024, the market is packed with options, each of which claims to be the one to revolutionize portable gaming. In this section, we look at the best gaming handhelds that you should check out in 2024.

The Best Gaming Handhelds of 2024: Unveiling the Portable Gaming Power

1. Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo has been a forerunner in portable gaming and the Switch Pro is exactly the reason why it is still a leader. By improving on the previous version, Switch Pro delivers increased performance, a gorgeous OLED screen, and longer battery life. The device is a hybrid, it goes between handheld and docked modes, so it suits every gaming style. With tens of thousands of games from their catalogue and third parties behind them, the Nintendo Switch Pro is still a favourite for Nintendo fans of all ages.

2. Steam Deck

Valve’s debut into the handheld gaming territory has given rise to massive enthusiasm, and the Steam Deck matches the hype. Driven by a custom APU from AMD, it can provide amazing performance, therefore the gamers can play their favourite PC games on the go. The ergonomics built-in, which includes the trackpad and customizable controls, is particularly beneficial for prolonged gaming sessions. With the library of Steam, consisting of AAA projects and indie games, one can play on the go through the tiny Steam Deck.

3. Sony PSP 5

Sony’s re-launch of the PSP brand presents the PSP 5, which is a combination of the nostalgia of the past and the innovation of the present. Sporting a slick design and a high-resolution display, the processor provides eye-catching visuals for gamers. Armed with the most advanced hardware, including a fast processor and a lot of RAM, the PSP-5 can run the most challenging games of different genres. Supported by Sony’s world-class lineup of exclusive titles and multimedia capabilities, it suits both gaming fans and multimedia lovers, which proves that Sony is still the king in the handheld gaming market.

4. Xiaomi Black Shark FunView

The entry of Xiaomi in the gaming handheld market breaks the existing trends with the Black Shark FunView. Having a unique form with ergonomic grips and customizable RGB lighting it looks every bit like a pro gamer equipment. This phone runs on Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line chipset and offers a screen that supports a high refresh rate, and it’s the right choice for high-level gaming. Through its focus on cloud gaming and subscription services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the Black Shark FunView makes it easier for people to access a huge library of games without having to compromise on portability.

5. RetroMega NeoGeo


Those who are into retro gaming will find the RetroMega NeoGeo simply impressive: the perfect mix of nostalgia and convenience. Classic gaming tradition is embodied in the built-in memory library and the retro titles redesigned for handheld format. The original arcade controls and the vivid display capture the spirit of retro gaming, and this allows the players to experience the good old times of gaming on the move. Using the external ROM support and emulation options, the RetroMega NeoGeo is meant to meet the needs of many gamers and become a reduced gaming system required for all the fans of retro gaming.

In a nutshell, the handheld gaming market in 2024 is all-encompassing, with every gaming gadget keeping up with the different game tastes and lifestyles. Whether you are a fan of Nintendo’s popular franchises, PC gaming on the go, or retro gaming nostalgia, there is a handheld device that suits your needs. Thanks to technological evolution and the buzz around the portability side, gaming tomorrow will be at the tip of your fingers.